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Principal's Message

Hello Arminta Families!


Let me start off by saying that it has been an honor and privilege to serve this community as Principal of Arminta Street Elementary. We have achieved many things this past year and have many more goals waiting to be accomplished. One of my goals going into the 2018-2019 school year was to establish a comprehensive technology program. I must say we have exceeded expectations and have become part of LAUSD's Instructional Technology Initiative (ITI) meaning which all of our students in grades Kindergarten through 5th will have an instructional device assigned to them. Our students have already begun twenty first century learning skills by using I-pads, Chromebooks, Mac Books, and PCs for instructional purposes but will now learn digital citizenship through Common's online program. This does not mean we are forgetting about books! Teachers have been trained and are fluent in strategies taken from Notice & Note and Rigorous Reading publications and are currently using LAUSD's ELLP Academies model to differentiate instruction for students at all performance levels. We have also installed a Learning Garden through a grant from The Kitchen Community which will supplement our Science and Health programs. Last but not least, this is our 3rd year as a Local Initiative School, meaning which the school will have greater autonomy in serving the specific needs of our students. All and all, many great things are happening at Arminta. Feel free to call or come by the school to see all the positive things that are transpiring on our campus.